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With a passionate belief in the power of entrepreneurship, we believe by working in collaboration, grasping opportunities and helping entrepreneurs build businesses that can change the world, we have an incredibly influential recipe.

That’s why ‘Together we can take on the world’ is more than just our strapline; it’s our call to action.

Whatever stage of business you’re at, if you’re looking to make progress then ‘speak to people who’ve done it all before’ is what all of the entrepreneurs we meet would say. But finding the right person isn’t always that easy.

Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes – whether it’s a long-term relationship or a specific answer to a specific question from an entrepreneur who’s been through the same experience.

There are no guarantees but, with over 300 successful entrepreneurs to choose from, the aim with our online entrepreneurial ‘matchmaking’ service is to get you started – to help you find a kindred spirit who could offer you support and guidance. Or to find someone who could benefit from your wisdom and experience. It’s a two-way process.



The Keen Biztech Platform’s mentoring program confidentially connects members in order to share knowledge and experience.

As mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes, we have a two number of ways our members can join in with the programme:


Mentoring through the Keen Biztech platform begins with a tailored match-making process.

We’ll discuss what kind of mentor you’re looking for, whether that is someone to help you with a short term business challenge, or a longer term mentor who you can meet with regularly.

By understanding your specific situation and needs, we can then recommend the most appropriate mentor for you by carefully considering their past experience and skill-set.

In most case we’ll provide you with a few options.

When we’ve agreed on a mentor who is available, we’ll connect the two of you to set up an initial meeting and ask you to sign our mentoring charter.

Everything discussed in your meetings is confidential and at that point you can both agree if future meetings are required.

We understand that business changes, so if you face different challenges along the journey, you can call upon mentoring support whenever you need it.

A member of the keen biztech team will follow up with you to ensure your mentoring link has been beneficial and make further connections if necessary.

Aside from one-to-one connections, our mentoring drop-in sessions are very popular and are held regularly throughout the year.

The usual format is to have two or three mentors available and members can make a one hour appointment.

Members will receive an invite to each session by email and you can also find your next session in mentoring surgeries.


*Our mentors give their time altruistically and no financial recompense is expected, nor is it necessary to offer any.

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