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Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

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Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

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Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

Posted By Salva george

Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a sweet poison. If you could drink and survive, you get a taste of sweetness, if you can’t, you are just a wantrepreneur.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur because all we see is sweet fruits, but no one sees the time and effort imported to grow all of that sweet fruit.

In a journey of entrepreneurship, only a very little amount of people SURVIVES and make it until the end; the rest FAIL.

According to Forbes, 90% of new businesses or start-ups fail. That’s 9 out of 10 business fail.

So, what’s happening over here? Why is success ratio so low?

The answer is “YOU!”

Reasons Why You’ve Failed As An Entrepreneur

You are the main reason for success or failure. Ask yourself, “Why have I failed as an Entrepreneur?” I can assure you that you will get the answers here.

Below are a few reasons of failure in an entrepreneurship career.

1.You Have a Fear of Losing the Game

As I said earlier, entrepreneurship is not easy but if you don’t try how the heck are you going to know the results? You need to come out on the pitch and start playing the game. You’ll never ever know what is in level 3 if you are sitting in level 1.

You’ve got to take out the fear and try.

We try but many of us still make very BIG mistakes. We wait for perfection; we wait for the perfect product because we afraid of losing the game. How will you know that your product is perfect? You won’t.

Your audience will tell you whether your product is perfect or not. There are 2 CORE rules of this game:

  • Be ready for failure.
  • Don’t stop, iterate & test until you succeed.

The Apple iPhone 6S is the biggest gift to us in human history. This product has changed the way we live. Do you think that this happens overnight? No. It took Apple 8 years to build the finest and perfect product; the iPhone 6S.

When they launched their first iPhone in 2007, the iPhone was taking 1 minute to start and today, it takes less than 5 seconds. You iterate and test until you succeed.

2.You’re Not Investing in Yourself

Don’t be a penny-pincher when it comes to investing in yourself . You need to learn new skills, tactics and strategies if you want to win the game. Read blogs, watch videos, listen to the podcast, distill and consume what is good.

Invest in some courses that can enhance your skills and which can help you GROW your BUSINESS.

Some people spend hours and hours on Google and YouTube to search and learn; which is OK but it is a very long process.

Before you go through that path you should ask certain questions to yourself: what you are trying to learn? Do you have the knowledge to differentiate between legit and B.S content or material? How long will it take to learn if I take this path?

Smart entrepreneurs know the value of TIME and SKILLS because they do their homework. They know that they have to invest and learn these skills to achieve a positive outcome. Business is not a magic and not overnight get rich scheme.

Don’t step back when it comes to INVESTING in yourself. You are the heart and brain of your business.

3.You Give Up Too Early

You are a desperate and hungry wolf in the beginning but as soon as the time passes your motivation levels go down. Why? Maybe because your business is not acquiring enough customers, no growth or less revenue.

At this stage, MOST of the entrepreneurs give up but they don’t realise how close they are to their winning point.

At this stage, you need to do TWO things:

  1. Think outside the box, make a smart use of technology and marketing to hack your growth or success.
  2. Get yourself some motivation.

Salva George (AKA Keen Biztech) is doing some great work for our entrepreneur community. He is providing us with a great motivational and inspirational entrepreneurship articles.

Before I wrap things up, I want to tell you one thing; you don’t need to learn MBA or any business degree to become an entrepreneur or to do a business but if you have it that is a plus point.

What you really need to learn is “How to learn”. Go for it.

Have you failed as an entrepreneur? Leave a comment below And Don’t forget to Join an independent network of entrepreneurs and small business owners

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Written by Salva george

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