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Posted By Salva george

“Firstly, I would like to say that a degree is not just about getting a job/career. The benefits affect all parts of life; intellectual, social, sporting, personal, artistic, ethical, and so much more….


While education is important, it does not guarantee us a job in our chosen field. One learns a lot of theories during foundational education, but applying them to practical work requires skills which, for the most part, are not taught as part of the degree program. I may not be wrong when I say that skill development is an area which is highly neglected by most of the students, and in fact, their institutions. The emphasis on vocational education seems to be lacking when it is one of the most important areas to focus on and will help prepare the youth for jobs.

The psychology behind this is that skills satisfy a deeper curiosity. The feeling you get when you satisfy your curiosity, having spent a lot of time and energy in trying to find an answer or a solution, is highly gratifying. Albert Einstein famously said, “I have no special talents… I am only passionately curious.” While the education system does involve a test of memory, skill-based training equips you with the analytical mindset required when you enter the workforce…

Recruiters often write job advertisements that specify that a degree is needed for the job, thus the market decides on this point, and it values degrees. Additionally, there are more jobs today than there were 50 years ago that involve working with your brain and fewer jobs involving manual skills. A degree is a start in working life, after all. Then experience, to give it its due place, will increasingly provide opportunities for further development of the person.

In an interview with The New York Times, Google’s vice-president of people operations, Laszlo Bock, had mentioned that they consider GPAs and test scores as a worthless criterion for hiring. For every job, the main thing Google looks for  is general cognitive ability and not the intelligence quotient. “It’s the learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the fly. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information.” Applying your mind and logic to come up with a better solution would require the right skill set.

In today’s time, soft skills such as language and communication skills, personality development skills, management skills and behavioral skills are some of the essential skills required while applying for a job. Your resume boasting your degrees might get you an interview, but it is your skills that will help you get the job.

I would like you to Understand:

Degree and skill are two sides of the same coin. To succeed in the race of life, a person needs to have a degree along with the skill. A degree without the skill would be as empty as the skill without the degree. Both need to go hand-in-hand in order to be the survival of the fittest. The degree is nothing but the certified documentation of the skill within the individual. Every person having the skill may not manage to attain the degree. Similarly, every degree holder is not necessarily skilled. The requirement of the degree or skill depends upon the organization, the nature of post etc. On a general outlook, which criteria carry more weight – the degree or the skill?


  1. A degree makes a person more confident in his approach and outlook. These things are an essential part of the personality development.
  2. The degree can make a person more polite, humble and wiser. This could be in order to take charge of the job or to climb the success ladder. But these things are difficult to manage without a degree in hand.
  3. A degree earns respect and social reputation. A person is assessed through his qualifications which are reflected by his degree.
  4. Degree earns money and status for its master. The more specialized the degree, the higher the post and status and higher is the salary package.


  1. Every degree holder is not necessarily skilled. It is the skill that helps to achieve the target and not the degree.
  2. Skill is an abstract term which cannot be evaluated on the bits of paper. It is a broad spectrum which is groomed within the individual and nurtured through the repeated practical implications in life.
  3. It is not the degree but the skill that achieves success. A degree can just earn the job, but it cannot help to grow further without the skill.
  4. It is the skill which attracts the employers, clients, and management which lift or drops the person. Without the skill, the person would not be able to catch hold the interest of their superiors and attain success.
  5. The great people from the history were all skilled people, but they didn’t have the certifications for their knowledge.

The degree is the theoretical evaluation of an abstract concept which is virtually not possible. It is the skill that helps the person to grow up both materially / financially and immaterially with respect to the status, importance, social respect, and recognition etc. Degree definitely has its own importance, as a person need to have some skill in order to achieve the degree. A complete dumb individual cannot qualify to attain the degree. Hence, we can summarize by saying that the degree is the first step in the ladder of skills which leads to the success in life.

What do you think is more important, Degree or Skill? Join the debate and let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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Written by Salva george

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