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Ask yourself, What is success mean to you? why success is not accident? and what is the impact of achieving your goal; how will it affect you and others, including the community and the world. The impact should be positive and confirm your purpose. Keep in mind that if you don’t encounter difficulties, your goal is probably set too low.

Success occurs in the lives of specific people for specific reasons. It is not something that randomly happens to you; it is something that you make happen. This is exciting news! Whether you want to strengthen your family life, improve your career, deepen your faith, or take your physical energy to a whole new level, you can do it…

Ralph Waldo Em-erson writes,

Let him learn a prudence of a higher strain. Let him learn that every thing in nature, even motes and feathers, go by law and not by luck, and that what he sows he reaps.”

If you want to take your business, your marriage, or your entire life from good to great, Success Is Not an Accident will help you get there, perhaps faster than you ever dreamed possible. This Post Series of Succes is not an accident provides the launching pad you’ve been looking for. Whether you are seeking to grow your net worth or rebuild your self-worth, these principles and strategies will help you do just that.

We all hear the success stories after they happened: how millionaire XYZ started their business with only $1,000 in their bank accounts. But how did they grow their business from that starting point? How did they become millionaires? What was their journey? How did they feel while they were battling through the obstacles?

There is no magic. This process is not complex or sophisticated. If you will invest the time to find out what other people have done to be successful, personally and professionally, and then begin doing the same things, you too will achieve similar results in due season. All your efforts will be worthwhile! Here is the series of tips about success, posting every end of the week, the target is to make sure you understand that “Success is not an accident or the things that happen Over one night”

Today Lesson’s

  1. Clarify your concept of success

  2. Accept complete responsibility

  3. Eliminate excuses forever

Clarify your concept of success

What does success mean to you? Answering this question is one of the first assignments. Success is a very subjective term, and it doesn’t mean exactly the same thing to two different people. Not knowing how you define success in your life can make the process of becoming successful even more challenging. It’s like fumbling around in the dark to find something when the light switch is right next to you, if only you would stop grasping in the dark and focus on the light switch

Success is something we are on a daily basis. Our goals are milestones along the journey that help us confirm that daily path is on track. Create three to five major goals and then create a list of actions that will have the most impact on reaching those milestones and living your definition of success. There may be more than five areas of your life you would include in your definition of success.

Investing the time and effort to define success in your own terms is one of the most helpful mental and spiritual exercises you can undertake. If you are trying to accelerate your success, it only makes sense to first define the target, which in many cases is elusive and often misunderstood. What exactly does success mean to you? I’ve observed that most people find it quite difficult to define. But if you don’t have a clear picture of success, how can you honestly pursue it or expect to achieve and then enjoy it?

Success has been defined many ways in literature:

Success is the accomplishment of God’s will in your life.

Success is making the most of what you have.

Success is who you become.

Success is living your life in your own way.

Success is a journey.

These definitions vary, but I suppose there is a dose of truth in each one. The most successful people in the world are those who have taken the time to figure out exactly who they want to become and what they want to achieve. Then they invest the hours of their days in activities consistent with these ideals.

Accepting Responsibility

Once you accept total responsibility for everything that happens to you in life, you will soon discover that this also enables you to find solutions to life’s difficulties far more quickly.

For example, take work colleagues or someone you are in a personal relationship with. Say you’re having problems with them and it is causing you stress. A negative person who likes to apportion blame might say, “Since I met so and so, it’s been nothing but trouble” whereas somebody who accepts total responsibility might say, “Hang on a moment; I am responsible for having this person or these people in my life. I took that job or I embarked upon this relationship – no-one forced me to.” Therefore, if they’re not happy with the situation and have taken responsibility for it, they are also able to find the solution – in this case, by leaving the job or getting out of an unhealthy relationship.

Nobody can stop the ticking clock. If you try to call time-out, you will always be tagged out. What you do Friday night counts, just as what you do Sunday morning or Thursday afternoon counts. An extraordinary life is simply the accumulation of thousands of efforts, often unseen by others, that lead to the accomplishment of worthwhile goals. You are rich with choice, and your choices reveal who you really are.

Eliminate excuses forever

Whatever you think is holding you back, there is someone who has done what you want to do with less resources and more obstacles. – Tim Ferriss

What if you could eliminate all of your excuses that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals – for good?

Whenever you act irresponsibly and feel the need to make excuses, your brain goes into overdrive, attempting to rationalize your lack of results. Unless you make a commitment to the choice of excuse-free living, you will always be able to find excuses.

My father taught me that the only helping

hand you’re ever going to be able to rely

on is at the end of your sleeve.

J. C. Watts

If there is something that you want to achieve in your life but you have not yet achieved it; you need to determine whether you are actually making progress towards that goal. If you are not making progress, you must take a good look at yourself to find the reason why. You will usually find that you have been using some excuse for not taking the necessary action. Unless you eliminate excuses from your life, you will never create the life you truly desire.

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