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Keen Biztech ABOUT US


Posted By Salva george

The Keen Biztech supports entrepreneurs based in the East Africa of Africa, helping them to develop, create new opportunities and grow their business.

As a membership platform, our aim is altruistic. We want to inspire and provide a helping hand to entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses and create wealth and sustainable new jobs in our region; making it an even better place to live and work!

Our membership is Entrepreneurs who are running and take risk to provide business opportunity and keen to continue growing it.

Collectively our members inspire, connect, and share knowledge and best practice with one another to create real value that leads to business growth and success.

This unique transfer of wisdom in a welcoming, entrepreneurial environment supports growing businesses, nurtures emerging talent and helps to make a major contribution to the sustainable transformation of our regional economy.



“To provide a dynamic entrepreneurial environment that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to be inspired, to create connections and to share knowledge that leads to business growth and success.”


“To make the East Africa countries stand number one in the Africa for entrepreneurship and as a result empower the region’s entrepreneurs, both existing and future, to generate businesses, jobs and wealth to the benefit of the Africa economy.”



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