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Welcome to Keen Biztech



"To provide a dynamic entrepreneurial environment that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to be inspired, to create connections and to share knowledge that leads to business growth and success."


We've been called many things, some of them even nice, but if you want to find out a little more about the people behind the scenes at the Forum, just take a look here:


"To make the East Africa countries stand number one in the Africa for entrepreneurship and as a result empower the region’s entrepreneurs, both existing and future, to generate businesses, jobs and wealth to the benefit of the Africa economy."


We provide inspiration and a helping hand to East Africa entrepreneurs through our annual events calendar, our mentoring programme and by championing the entrepreneurial community both nationally and regionally

Keen Community

Join the platform to discuss issues, gather practical advice, and utilise a library of useful resources to grow and develop your business.

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Whatever stage of business you’re at, if you’re looking to make progress then 'speak to people who’ve done it all before' is what all of the entrepreneurs we meet would say. But finding the right person isn’t always that easy.

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The Platform aim to deliver world-class events that provide dy- namic environment to be inspired, make connections and share knowledge.

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About Us

As a Membership Platform, our aim is altruistic. We want to inspire and provide a helping hand to entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses and create wealth and sustainable new jobs in our region; making it an even better place to live and work!

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Meet The Team

We've been called many things, some of them even nice, but if you want to find out a little more about the people behind the scenes at the Biztech (Keen Biztech platform), just take a look below:

Salva (Chief Executive)

As leader of the Keen Biztech, Salva keeps the team heading in the right direction. Not only does he look after us, but he leads by example, working with our board to keep us moving forward.

Karen (Executive Assistant)

Super organised and efficient, Karen loves the detail. She makes sure we all know where we should be and have everything we need when we get there. She also makes the best birthday cakes!

Onesmo (President & Mentoring)

Our team's longest serving member, Onesmo's been matching entrepreneurs with mentors for longer than he cares to remember. He makes sure we keep learning from our past, not to mention answering all the questions about the Forum the rest of us know nothing about!


Challenges, Entrepreneurs, Interviews, Success

Karibu Keen Biztech:Kujiunga na mjasiriamali desk bure

Posted By Salva george

Habari, Karibu Keen Biztech – Get conection & Share knowledge
Keen Biztech ni taasisi ya kijamii inayowalenga wajasiriamali wanaoishi Afrika Mashariki, kuwasaidia kuendeleza, kujenga fursa mpya na kukua biashara zao.
Kama jukwaa la wajumbe, lengo letu ni lenye nguvu. tunataka kuhamasisha na kutoa msaada kwa

Challenges, Entrepreneurs, Success

Success Tips for the Young Entrepreneur

Posted By Salva george

Becoming an entrepreneur is especially attractive to millennials.
They are looking for new and different ways to work and are not finding them in traditional organizations. They don’t want a 9-5 workday – they want to assume tasks and projects and determine when and how

Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

Challenges, Entrepreneurs, Interviews, Success

Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur

Posted By Salva george

Why You Failed As An Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship is a sweet poison. If you could drink and survive, you get a taste of sweetness, if you can’t, you are just a wantrepreneur.
Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur because all we see is sweet fruits, but

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